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Are you in those people who’re looking for the most effective and high resulting marketing channel? Well, if yes, then no doubt Email Marketing is the channel which will help you to get effective marketing done. Importance of Email Marketing is being increasing day by day. But you must be wondering why everyone is talking about it, and why is Email Marketing important? why is email marketing effective?

Well, have no worries, we’ll discuss all the possible aspects of email marketing and why is email marketing effective. But before we begin, do you have a query like “Is Email Marketing Dead?”

The quick answer to it is a big NO. If you’ve deployed an effective email marketing strategy, no doubt that you’ll be generating more revenue from it than any other channel. And if we talk about digital marketers, then about 53% of digital marketers still believe that email marketing is the best way of marketing.

Importance of Email Marketing :

The reason is, it massively helps in increasing the reach and communication flow. With a strategical email marketing campaigns, you can bring more revenue and leads. Also, the best part is, it is entirely measurable and scalable. You will be having every record and track of the status of the whole marketing campaign.

And as of 2020, more than half of the world’s population uses email, and it will reach up to 4.5 billion by the year 2023. And as per the research, about 90% of adults in the United States use email as their sincere mode of communication. Whereas of the 60% are working and operating on emails regularly.

So let’s understand the importance of email marketing by going through all of its benefits.

More Productive (Customer Acquisition):

If you’re going through some social channels to generate leads and growth, you must go with email marketing, as it is more effective than social media. By means of more effective, it doesn’t mean that social media is not good, but email is said to be pretty active.

If a mail is well crafted and optimized as per the business standard by keeping the audience in the centre tends to bring more results. Also, putting a call to action button helps just to double results.


It is said that for every $1 spent on email marketing gives ROI of more than $30. Next to it, we’ve social media campaigns which give it about $22 and also, email marketing is cheaper than other platforms. With real-time monitoring, you can set and unset the mailing campaign based on their performance, hence more chances of saving a lot of money.

We know that social posts’ ranking changes based on the automatic algorithm, hence the life span of social posts are pretty less, but the case is not the same with emails, as emails have better lifespan than social posts. So the marketing budget on email marketing campaigns is said to be more cost-effective.

Personal & Customizable:

With email marketing, you can manually set up the marketing content based on the type of audience you’re targeting. Emails are said to be more personal than other platforms; the reason behind this is, emails are sincere mode of communication, hence any marketing campaign with personal touch results in better outcomes.

Since you must be having various types of audience, so you need to customize it based on them. You can do personalized email campaigns by customizing the emails that are highly dependent on the type of your audience. A customized email with proper strategy brings better growth and ROI from the email marketing campaign.


Tracking the mails is the best importance of email marketing campaigns, as with it you can track whether the email is opened or not, and by what time, also covering the locations, devices, and browsers. Not only this much, but you can also track the number of emails bounced, sent, opened, forwarded, seen, clicked and much more.

These tracking reports make the visibility of email marketing and increase email marketing effectiveness. You’ll have a better understanding of the performance of your marketing campaign via email.

Make Efficient Communication:

When people make a purchase on your website, it is but obvious that you need to send them a confirmation mail. But what about after purchase? You should schedule a Welcome and Thank You Email. The reason is, it will help to create more credibility, as with automation, you can set which mail to be sent on performing certain actions.

This automation could also be used as an autoresponder for the frequently asked question, which is most liked by the audience as they get quick and sudden responses from the brand.

Grow Website Traffic:

Yes, you read it right, you can grow the traffic on your website from a strategic email marketing campaign. As if you’re looking for why is email marketing effective, then the reason is, you’ll get a high amount of traffic on your website from email marketing. Emails that have a well-planned call to action buttons, then the chances of getting clicks on it increases even more. But you need to keep in mind where you should create a link or call to action button to get most of the clicks.

You can try doing A/B testing on your emails to check what types of emails are performing and what is not. About 180% of the increase is seen on the website via email marketing campaigns, and if you do the same, you’ll get to know why email is important.

Develop Credibility:

If your brand is new and is looking for opportunities to increase it’s visibility and credibility, no doubt that you should quickly switch to email marketing. As with it, you’ll get a customized way of representing your targeted key points. With the help of graphics, you can make emails interactive, make sure your email is responsive to get better outcomes.

With email, you can professionally represent your business by introducing only the required information flow.

Wider Reach:

With emails, you get opportunities to reach anyone in the world, that simply means you get a wider range of audience to target. But you should not target anyone without proper research, if you do proper research and decide what audience will be a perfect fit for the campaign, no doubt you’ll get more than expected results. The amazing part of email marketing is you can reach with the audience on any device. Make sure your emails are responsive as people tend to open emails on mobiles more than on desktops or laptops.

All the smartphones provide ease to everyone to quickly check their emails on 1-2 clicks. Real-Time marketing could be done as people have their phones in hand for almost all the time. So before your target, anyone, make sure email formats are responsive.

Boost & Generate Sales:

Emails are used to deliver business’ goal to their audience in the most effective way; hence if you apply proven email marketing strategies, then you will get a higher push in bringing the sales. As the primary aim of any marketing campaign is to bring results in the last, and fortunately, it becomes possible with emails to generate better sales, calls and leads.

Also, we know there are no word limitations, but if we put the required information in minimum words, then we get even more chances of conversion.

Brand Building:

Emails are also in the must-do methodologies of building a brand. If you are sending emails on an optimal time gap, then the audience has more remembrance of your brand. But make sure that you’re not sending too frequently (your audience will unsubscribe) and also not too late (they’ll forget) Before you do email marketing, make sure that you’re following a proper flow of that.

Emails also help in strengthening the relationships between the customer and the business, as with emails the customers or users can easily communicate with the brand, and if responded accordingly, then the brand will be highly recognized.


So now when you have understood why is email marketing important, if you’re planning to run an email marketing campaign, then make sure that you’ve created a clear execution plan. An optimized strategic email campaign will give more than expected results to you. Emails are seen as a serious and sincere channel; hence if you do proper marketing through it, you’ll surely get benefit from the marketing campaign. No doubt that you’ll be getting potential leads and customers with email marketing. Try creating engaging, responsive, and interactive emails to bring the ROI positive graph.

Why is Email Marketing Important